Lighting Systems

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SSA prides itself on being able to create unique, innovative custom made lighting solutions for virtually any application.

LED Photometric Edge Lighting

This system utilizes our specially developed Photometric dot pattern and once designed for the particular size and shape required, it is subsequently screen printed onto one surface of the 6mm clear lens itself.

This result eliminates any natural torching effects and enables the projected light to be evenly dispersed across the entire face.

Other advantages:

  • These 2 - 10mm thick photometric panels can be profiled to any shape.
  • No heat
  • Low energy consumption ( 12 - 24 volt AC or DC )
  • Up to 100,000 hours of life and will not yellow with age.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Extremely robust
LED edge lighting

LED Exit and Emergency Lighting systems

Another exciting development utilising ScreensignArts patented Photometric Edge lighting technology is a new and innovative Exit Blade sign system with fitted LED's and flying leads.

Our Photometric technology has allowed us to optimise a very efficient and even distribution of light with high visual brilliance.

Coupled with extremely low energy consumption this inventive development dramatically challenges the performance of any conventional or existing Exit sign.

Currently, and based on our 4.5mm thick double sided blade, the energy consumption is an amazing 600 milliWatts, which as a result allows for more environmentally friendly and much smaller batteries to be installed, let alone the huge savings in electricity costs.

The stand-alone blade supplied with flying leads is available now for OEM supply.

One major advantage with our blade development you should consider is that there may be no need to alter or re-tool your current product, as our custom manufacturing allows us to supply the blade to any shape or size.

This level of diversity allows us to offer replacement kits (carrying a 60,000 hour warranty) for existing fluorescent tubes or other current methods of illuminating sign cases.

As a result of this extremely low energy consumption, ScreensignArts are now working on the introduction of additional forms of safety signage that could for example incorporate solar cell technology for night time applications.

Watch this space.

Top: the double-sided blade with flying leads developed by Screensign Arts, with an energy consumption of only 600mW - this product is available now for OEM supply into new or existing Exit/Emergency Lighting systems.

Middle: an artist's impression of a complete Exit and Emergency product which utilizes the high-performance blade as developed by Screensign Arts.

Bottom: the five images available for supply with the Exit blade.

WET (Wireless Energy Transfer)

Both of these lighting solutions can be either hard wired or powered by our patented WET (Wireless Energy Transfer) technology, which allows objects to be energized safely across gaps of up to 85mm, yes with absolutely no wires or batteries.

Apart from a multitude of applications utilizing this technology, WET is ideal for use in high risk situations such as wet areas in bars or high traffic zones in retail stores etc.