About Screensign Arts

Business owner Richard Hunter has been professionally involved in the screen printing and sign writing industries for over 40 years. It has long been his belief that a business must commit to quality results, outstanding service and building and nurturing expertise in its field if is to be successful, and these beliefs have been the foundation upon which Screensign Arts has been built.

Richard Hunter

Screensign Arts has recently reprioritised its operations to focus on the area of lighting display systems, a field in which it is among world industry leaders. Its innovation in display lighting makes full use of the latest technology available and has attracted the interest of major global corporations, and our LED photometric technology has been distributed in North America and Europe. The company's energy-saving breakthroughs in LED lighting have also been welcomed by environmental groups.

Despite its relatively small size, Screensign Arts has been able to compete with and outperform some of the largest lighting companies in the world through its policy of constant adaptation and technical innovation. We have the ability and the capacity to tackle both large and complex display lighting projects.

Our commitment to our clients is that we will achieve an excellent result for their company's brand and product image in the marketplace by using the latest technology available in our provision of providing high quality display lighting solutions.

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